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booking in app DONE!

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all good.

I have my booking in app today, it went well, bloods were taken which was good because last time they had to do that on another appointment which gave me time to worry about the needle.

I will have to go for a growth scan at 34 weeks as I have a high BMI so a consultant will want to make sure babs is growing ok. I know that the midwives have to do this but I hate the way they bang on about weight. the midwife said that they wouldnt want me to put on anymore than a stone, with my last I put on 2 but this was all water and baby and within a week I was pre-preg weight. Apparently the higher your BMI the higher at risk you are to have a c-sec, so I was given all of the blah even though I had my son under 8 months ago naturally.

Sorry for another rant!

remember one born every min is on tonight for those of you that watch it.



  • Yay I loved my booking in appt - makes it feel as though things are moving on image

    I know what you mean about the midwives having to tell you about the weight thing - I have a similar problem but the other way in that my BMI is low (but it was with DD who is now 10 months and had no problems during preg) and everytime we see a midwife they ask if I am eating properly etc...does my head in - I am eating machine just very lucky! DD was 7lb 14oz so wasn't like I was starving her. At least you get an extra scan at 34 weeks so another chance to see you baby image

    Def be watching 1 born later on - will be having a shower shortly and jumping into bed to watch it - sheer luxury image
  • I really think they should look at your previous prgnancies, labours and children before they judge you on what the scales say! My boy was 8lb 3 so nice and healthy.

    I am in my pjs watching it downstairs, if I got into bed would be asleep within seconds, lol.

  • Freaking me out!!!!!! Iv cried and nearly been sick watching thisimage

  • Hey Gem,

    Hope you have gotten over one born now? It was a good one but that turning the baby didnt look nice!

  • Hi VixV, I thought the same about the BMI thing, they seem to go about it loads. i actually got a bit upset at my booking in appt, coz ive heard the consultants can be quite nasty to ladies who are overweight and it was upsetting me. she did say that they shouldnt do that and if they do then complain. My BMI is 39 so ive got to have a GTT and apparently i'll have to see an anaethesist, just in case i decide to have an epurdural they need ot make sure they can feel my spine through the fat!!! God they make you feel special dont they? i'm not even that big, carry weight well, very tall and big boned.

    sorry to go on
  • Hey Jess,

    I saw in your post from today you have having problems, I hope you are ok.

    Well I got my scan dates through, this included an appointment to see an anaethesist which I was not told about by my midwife! Very annoyed with her for not telling me! Anyway I have reffused that appointment, as my midwife knows I have had a baby just 8 months ago with only gas and air and had a very quick labour so i dont think there will be a need to see an anaethesist. If they can find a place to stick the needle now then they wont be able to when I am in labour either.

    P.S my BMI is the same and dont feel massive, I am a size 18.

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