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Hi ladies

So I finally have my scan date for Tue 5 April, when I'll be 13+2. It says on my letter that children and babies are not allowed in the room for the scan. This has really concerned me as obviously my hubby wants to come with me, but we don't have anyone to sit with my ds (he's 13 months). My parents and hubby's live 2 hours away. When you have had your scans, did you take your children? I wondered if its just something they put on the letter but they don't actually enforce??

Thanks! x


  • Hi

    We were contemplating taking DD to out scan tomorrow but she's 22 months and know she won't stay still for a prolonged period of time, so we have decided to take her to the 20 week scan. When we had our 12 week scan with her we were at the hospital for 2.5hrs waiting around! Having said that whenever I have been for a scan there has always been people with children there, I guess it's a special time and I really want my DD to be involved in the process and see her sibling on the screen. I know from last time with the 20 week scan we was in and out and that would be more suited to our DD!! I cannot see them turning you away honk but I would maybe give them a call just to check. Hope this helps c x.
  • Hi g/c from DIN. You are allowed to take children in to scans in our area. It does say if they become noisy or dont behave they will be asked to leave. I would ring them up and explain and I'm sure they will understand. x
  • Thanks ladies, will give them a call x
  • I have decided i wont take my daughter with us (shes 2) but both sets of parents live 10mins from us so its an easy option for us. My friend however didnt have anyone to watch her 3yr old son so took him to all 3 scans shes had so far. The only difference for them was that now they obv let husbands/partners come in straight away (whereas before they had to wait) and because she had her son the sonographer suggested they wait outside til she was ready cos otherwise the kids just get fed up anyway. She didnt mind tho. Surely they cant ban other kids there!! maybe they just suggest its easier without but its not their decision to make.
  • my daughter came in with us and she loved it, was such a good girl and just looked amazed and kept asking if it was a brother xx bless her, we have been advised that she wont be allowed into the 20 week scan as they check for things that might be wrong like downs etc and they advise children not be in the room as the sonographer needs to really concentrate x im lucky my mum and dad are here to help xxx
  • i think our hospital says its fine as long as they are quiet. in previous scans there have been several children in the waiting room.

    My son is 4 and daughter 15 months. my son has learning difficultes so we want to take him to the scan so he has a better understanding of whats going on! im so excited to see his face!!!!!

  • Hi there,

    My son came in with me when i had my scan for my daughter. I cannot see how they can refuse, especially under the childcare circumstances.

    Good luck

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