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Weight gain so far?

I have put on 6lb at 10+4 (over the rec of 4lb for first tri).....I am eating well but a lot as it stops my nausea



  • I have put on about 5/6 lb so far-my boobs are massive though and really heavy so I reckon at least 2lb is because of that image

    Im trying to eat well too but I really need to start walking/swimming as soon as I get some energy from somewhere!


  • Was weighed today so now it's 8lb ( not impressed!) iv put two pound on in one week!!!!!image x
  • I have stopped weighing myself as I feel HUGE!!

    So hope that when my nausea passes I will be able to eat normally again!

    As long as bubs is ok il try and lose the weight afterwards (famous last words lol)

    BB xx
  • ive lost 4 pounds!!! this always happens to me though, dont think im normal!!! probs due to the nausea and sickness! try not to worry about it, if your eating well then theres not alot u can do about it!!

  • Hey i have lost 4lbs as well but I cant stand cheese and used to eat a lot of it and also cant seem to eat in the evening!

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