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Just done something slightly silly!

Hello ladies,

I've just bought a pram, well pramette, it was on offer at Tesco and couldn't resist.

I've kept telling myself not to get excited till this baby is alive and well in my arms getting a great big cuddle from me. But last week I had another scan and the sonographer told us that I'm now due 30th Oct (so I'm an official October mummy now, not just gatecrashing!)

At first she couldn't see any obvious "bits" so was leaning towards girl, but baby did a wriggle, and suddenly we all saw some "bits" appear. She did say not to think too much either way till 20 weeks but it looks like its a boy.

So that's me now fully excited, constantly trying not to be! Hubby is gunna go a little mad at the sight of a buggy in the house, but excitement got the better of me for an hour or so!!

Hope you and your babies are all doing well x image


  • Thats not silly.... your going to be needing one :lol:

    and it would be silly to pass up on a bargin! x
  • gatecrashing from DIN but I bought a buggy earlier in the week haha! So I shouldn't feel too bad. It was such a bargain on ebay I couldn't resist, even though I'm so early on! Luckily it won't be sitting around my house winding me up as my parents are picking it up for me.
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