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Hi ladies :)

Hi ladies, i originally post in the Sept 2011 forum but because my due dates the 24th Sept i thought i would join the October ladies 2 image.

Hows every1s pregnancy going?

I am having a baby boy and its my first..Team blue image)..finding pregnancy has its ups and downs and i just really want it to end now so i can meet my baby boy... i have also put on a stone so far which i think is the reccomended weight gain xxxx


  • bless you hun xx

    im 21+6 weeks today with no.2 and we found out today that its another little girly so team pink xx im the same, i dont really enjoy pregnancy and im far too impatient to wait till the end lol xxx ive put on 12lb so far, was quite sicky till about 2 weeks ago and i still throw up every morning image x
  • Hi Ladies !

    I'd due 2nd october but will be having a c-section about a week before so probably will be a september baby, We didnt find out what we were having so it will be a suprise. We already have a 26 mth old little girl at home and suspect I might be having another girl. My pregnancy has been very similar to the 1st although I have put more weight on. So far I have put a stone on which is about right but with my 1st I lost a stone due to sickness but this time they gave me the anti sickness medication alot sooner. I'm 22 weeks and weigh the same as I did when I was 32 weeks last time !!! very scared that I'm going to be huge !!

    Still got no names picked, need to re-decorate the spare room and move my little girl in the next month and TRY! to get her potty trained which has got my head done in !!

    Maybe its the stress that keeps sending me to the biscuit cupboard lol !!

  • Hiya

    I was originally given 29th Sept but since my little boy was 12 days late id thought id post in Ocotber! Then my first scan said 4th Oct and 2nd scan said 1st Oct so im staying here!

    I have no idea how much weight iv put on, i dont own any scales :lol: We stayed team yellow at the scan and i dont have any feeling of either pink or blue!! Iv found this pregnancy much harder than my first. First time round i sailed through it and loved every minute, only had a bump and no change anywhere else. This time i feel bigger all over and im definaltly bigger at this stage than i was with my little boy. Iv been a lot more tired and exhausted but that could be due to running around after a 3yr old! iv also had really bad headaches and sickly feelings if i dont keep eating and drinking.

    Im just gone 23 weeks and am now starting to panic slightly how im going to cope with the lack of sleep and having two to look after image
  • Hi and welcome. I am almost 20weeks (due 27th Oct) and already have a little girl, Bethany, who is 2 1/2 next month. I am just getting the big proper kicks now and loving it. Im having another good pregnancy so im lucky although the 1st one was great and this one everything seemed worse, the sickness, tiredness etc. Heartburn started earlier and at the beginning i was told i had a water infection and may have antibodies! Great! My 1st was 4weeks early so theyre monitoring me with 3 extra scans this time to make sure baby is good weight (even tho she was 5lb 10oz at 36+2 which i thought was pretty good). It means i get to see more of bubba tho which is great. I think were staying team yellow, scan next week! We didnt find out with Beth and i think its another girl anyway which im really happy about (and will be just as happy with a boy!).

    Anyone got names yet? We dont chat about it much but have Amber Mollie as a maybe for girl and Thomas and Jack for a boy.
  • Names :roll:

    I think its really hard this time round not knowing what we are having.

    For a boy we are kinda agreed on Jack but like Joshua too and I would like Thomas as a middle name hubby isnt too keen but i think i could change him mind once iv been through labour :lol:

    For a girl i love the name Hannah and we are both agreed on Louise as a middle name. Hubby suggested Libby the other day and im starting to really like Libby Hannah... I also like Emilie. We both love the name Isabella but it doesnt go with out surname image
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