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When are you going to tell people?

I'm unsure. Hubby says 12 weeks for obvious reasons and for friends I agree, but if the worst happens, I will want my mum and I couldn't bare for her not to know.

What are your thoughts?


  • I think telling people like friends and colleagues wait for the 12 week scan, however I couldn't not tell my close family. I have told my sister and her husband already as they are godparents to our first child, my mum, dad and brother are visiting for my dd 1st birthday in Feb so we are going to tell them then, and my husband will tell his family as they cant make the birthday. However that is what we decided to do, it is up to you what you feel comfortable with and how much support you need.x
  • Thanks apricot, I feel the same. How far along do you think you are? Because I used ov tests every day I know I ovulated on 14th January so I'm guessing in real terms im 2 weeks but last period was 26th December. So that makes me 4-5 in doctors terms.
  • About the same I think 4-6 so 5 weeks tomorrow. It is very early but as we were trying I tested as soon as I was due. x
  • I had to tell work as soon as i knew so i didn't have a choice about telling family as they know some of the people i work with and i would have hated it if they found out through them. We haven't told our friends yet and we are going to wait unitl we have had the 12 week scan to tell them.
  • We didn't plan on telling a soul last time until we had the scan, but I fell down the stairs outside our apartment in the icy weather & the paramedic suggested someone come sit with me afterwards, my sister came and turns out she had guessed anyway. Everyone else was told the day after the scan & I think that's what we'll do this time xx
  • we've told both parents and siblings on both sides but are not telling anyone else until 12 weeks
  • We have told parents and close siblings; will wait until 12 weeks for the rest! I have had a mmc and a mc in the past and although you do not want to have tell bad news to everyone you need to be able to discuss it with someone - not that that is going to happen to anyone on this forum!!
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