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Shy Hello!

Hi all,

Just wanted to come in here and join you all.

Found out yesterday I am pregnant with a due date of around the 9th Oct.

Very excited and looking forward to thing but very nervous at the same time. Going to call my doctors tomorrow for an appointment but not sure what will happen from there??

I am diabetic so have been planning to get pregnant for a while, its going to be tough but soo worth it.


  • congratulations and welcome. here's to a happy and healthy 9 months x
  • Hello! Nice to see us filling up a bit, congratulations!

    Regards your doctor if it was anything like mine the other day they will just ask about last period and if your taking folic acid etc, give you some leaflets to read & get in touch with the midwife.

    Happy & healthy 9 months to you xx
  • Hello and welcome, it is so exciting so enjoy every minute of your pregnancy....even the sicky start bit!x
  • Thank you for the warm welcome.

    It is very exciting and something we have waited for for 2 and a half years.

    Can't wait till I have seen my doctor and have some more information xxx
  • Hey VW bride!! Congratulations!! We have been trying for 3 years so I know how you feel!!

    Can't wait to get to the scan at the moment... feeling sooo anxious!!

  • Hi

    Just found out over the weekend that I am pregnant and made my doctors appointment for Friday.

    So thrilled at the moment but very scared at the same time as my last was ectopic. Does anyone know if you automatically get an early scan if you have a history of ectopics?

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