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Scan Dates


Im so excited i got my letter from the hospital today for my dating/nuchal scan. mines the 19th March when does everyone have there scans?


  • Woohoo!!

    Mine is the 3rd of april. Feels like ages away and I am considering an ea4ly scan....

  • I haven't seen my midwife yet, seeing her Monday. i think mine should be some time at the end of march. can't wait to get it through image
  • I was thinking about an early one just so i can actually believe that im pregnant i've only had an occasional symptom so i just want to see some wriggling inside me, but i managed to hold off til now and now that i've got my date i think i'll be able to wait.
  • Im not seeing my midwife til 12th march, then she's got to book one with the hospital so I'm not holding my breath! X
  • I am not seeing the midwife until 15th March, so will have to wait a while before I get my scan date. I hope it comes round quick as I just want to know that everything is ok!
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