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Blue or pink?

Hi hope your all well. We Had our scan today it was wonderful to see our baby again. And we found out we are having our 4th daughter! Anyone else know what they are having yet? Vicki x


  • not yet. Got scan on 7th June. I am thinking another boy tho. My own mini football team! Lol Xxx
  • Oh wow congrats! We have our scan next Thursday (24th) can't wait to see what baby is xx
  • It's another wee boy for us, so happy image xx
  • Ooo congratulations. 2 boys close together is fab. My 2 play so nicely together now. 2 weeks till my scan. Hurry up! Lol Xxx
  • We are having a girl! feel so lucky as we already have a boy, so one of each image
  • We have our scan on 12th June we have one of each already so we can't decide wether to find out or not but when they prob ask we will be tempted lol can't believe nearly half way hope everyone is keeping well

    Billie xx

  • Hi all, had our scan today and its a blue image we will have two gorgeous boys so happy!!! Have to have more scans tho to keep an eye on baby as first pregnancy didnt go so well, dont mind tho as I get to see my little boy again image hope ur all well?

    Fluffycatmiaow 20+5
  • imageanother one with 2 boys. It is fab to see them playing together. I will have extra scans this time to. I had a pretty big baby last time..... Love the scan results coming in. Roll on my scan in 1 week and 2 days! xxx

  • When is your scan nimmy? Will you find out the flavour? Xx
  • Week today. So 7th June 3pm. We are finding out yes. Really want a girl, but have a feeling it is another boy! image Xxx
  • Aw bless ya, we didnt mind but 'wanted' a girl so we could finish our family there as always wanted 3 but said we would both be happy with one of each. But I had a feeling it was a boy anyway but we were both actually delighted when we found out, are you on our Facebook group hun? Busier over there x
  • Hi all,

    Had my scan this afternoon and we are in the pink club, so excited as was hoping for a girl. Although we wouldn't have minded if it has been a boy (as we have one of each). But finacially wise it will be easier as I still have the girls clothes/blankets, etc. x

  • Wooohooo....another pink!!
  • imageBOY!!!!!!!!!!! 3 boys for me

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