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child care??

Hiya ladies i know this is soon in asking this but for the past few days ive been fretting about the child care arrangements for my little girl once i have to return to work!

Bubba is due in oct, i'll probably have to return to work april/may time and im wondering whats the best option for my little one?

Im soooo confused by it all please help xxx


  • There are pros and cons to all of the different options. Childminders have more personal care - especially if they only have your child to look after. However they need to run their homes at the same time as caring for your child, so there are not always as many activities arranged for your child per day. Also, although they are restricted on how many under 1s they have and toddlers, there are no limits (or very large limits) on school children, so they could have lots of children to care for before and after school. Also your child would have to adapt to their routine of school pick ups etc. On the plus side child minders are often cheaper and they will often take your child to local groups which will allow them to see children that they may have already met with you. 

    Nurseries have many more children in them, but there are also more staff to hand so there is always someone on hand to look after your child when they are upset etc. Your child is surrounded by children their own age which can help with social skills. A nursery can also provide lots of stimulating activities for your child as its the only thing they have to worry about!

    You also need to think about what you would do if a childminder was ill/on holiday and couldn't have your child on certain days.

    Basically you need to have a look around and trust your gut instinct. You will know when you have found  the right place for your child (although your heart will be saying at home with Mummy is the best place!)

    DS 1 is at nursery and he loves it now (he's 2 and a half), although when he was first there (11 months old) it felt very odd leaving him in a nursery environment.

    Hope that helps a bit!

    WW xXx

  • DS goes to nursery just one day a week and he absolutely LOVES it! His speech and social skills came on leaps and bounds and although the tears and pet lips when I left him in the beginning were torture, he loved it after just 4 weeks which is good considering he's only there on a Friday. Although it costs us ??38 a week that's 3 meals & snacks. I won't be taking him out when I go on maternity leave contrary to my mums advice as he'd be heartbroken to leave. We found it the best option for us xx
  • My ds is just over two and goes to nursery 4 days a wk n loves it too. The new baby will also be joining him in may when I head back to work. The costs will be like a second mortgage, but so worth it as they develop so quickly and have so much fun image xx

    Fluffycatmiaow 21+3
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