gestational diabetes

Had a Glucose tolerance test today. Not a great experience. Had to starve myself from 10pm. Went to hospital at 8am. Had blood sugar tested and blood taken. Drank 410ml of lucozade yuk! Then waited quietly for 2hrs. Then more blood taken. Got results this aft and my blood sugar started normal and went up aft lucozade as expected. Aft 2hrs my blood sugar should have been normal again, but it wasn't it was sky high. So this explains my previous big babies. Glad it has been caught so i can be looked after and get the care i need. Now i have to pick up a blood sugar monitoring kit tomorrow and check my blood sugar 4times a day. I have to attend a diabetes clinic once a week. On a Thursday (when i normally work :'-( ) i Will see about my diet and have scans. I Will probably have baby couple weeks early so mid October. All a bit daunting and scary. I have had a cry, talked to a few people and feel a bit better. Will find out lots more next week. Hope you guys are all ok. Xxx


  • Ah hon bless you, at least it explains the big babies & you can out your mind at ease over that now as I know you were a bit worried. I had the GTT last week too but it would just appear my babies are monsters for no reason. My friend had gestational diabetes and she said although its a pain it becomes ritual And I once you know it's under control It puts mind at rest. Plus you'll get to see baby boy again too! Hope you're feeling ok about it now, big hugs xx
  • Bless. It can be daunting. I've had diabetes since I was 17 so had this all the way through my pregnancy unfortunately.

    Had to go for a check up every 4 weeks, now it's weekly with scans every 4 weeks. Work aren't always very accommodating but I need to ensure I get the right care so all is well with my little one! I'll always have little one early, if not here by 38 weeks I'll get induced. It's mainly as you say because the babies are bigger..... I had my 28 week scan last week and little one was 3lb 2 already.

    I'm sure you will be fine x
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