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growth scan 29+4

Right update! Baby is a fatty. Should be 2-2.5lb at 29w but is 3.5lb. He is right on top lines for his height, weight and head circumference. So on track for induction. I on other hand have non existent blood pressure which explains me passing out! I have lost 2kg in weight in 2weeks on diet and bump measuring spot on. Blood sugar on the high side so now on some tablets as well as diet to control it. Unfortunately it was all too much for me and i ended up in floods of tears. Rang Dr in tears who was lovely and agreed i needed some space and something needed to give. So work has gone. I have self certified for next 2days and seeing Dr next week for a sick note. I only work 2-3days a week anyway. I had 9 shifts left over 4weeks (including this week) then 2weeks holiday before mat leave kicks in at 35w so should stay the same. Talking to manager next week anyway so Will bring up lack of work and discrimination as that is what it is. I don't care now tho. Nanna has been in hospital with a stroke and pneumonia for 48hrs she is still with us although very poorly. Now to find a cure for my piles. Ouchy. This pg is so my last! Xxx


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