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Tummy time


Are you all giving your baby regular tummy time now? I try and put little one onto his tummy and he holds his head for a few secs and then lays it down again and doesnt look too comfy down there!!His arms just dont look in the right place image


  • i put ayda on her tummy but like you sed she holds for a little bit then lays down, thou i lie down on the bed and put her on my chest on her tummy and she loves it!!!

  • I usually give Tilly a couple of minutes tummy time in the morning when she is in a good mood, she lifts her head really well and lifts herself up by pushing her feet against the back of our changing table - she is so strong! Then she gets annoyed and starts crying!

  • i do try and put him on his mat for a 5 minutes each day tho this is just when i remember, he is getting quite good at holding his head up bout after about 30 seconds he has his head on the mat!

  • We've done this since she was born on my chest, she's held her head up really well all along and now she is trying to get on all fours the little monkey at 7 bloody weeks.

    Have started putting her on the floor on her mat and moving around so she follows me with her head, she gets mad if she cant though bless her.

    She was trying to get on all fours when I massaged her back last night, so much for relaxing just another excuse to try and get away from me :lol:

  • I put Gabriel on his tummy most days for a couple of minutes. He also seems to be spending a lot of time on my shoulder as he prefers looking around than laying on his back. This is also helping to stengthen his neck.

    Cornetto, I don't know whether this helps but I just pick him up under the arms and whilst his head isn't totally supported, he doesn't seem to mind in the slightest. I do it quickly though so his head isn't hanging around in the air for too long. I would just go with it and pick T up as you think. He will soon tell you if he doesn't like it!!

  • LOL.

    My LO has reflux so would only sleep on his tummy until we got diagnosed and found out what the problem was!! We used to put him at the bottom of the cot to sleep and in the early morning 3-4hrs later he was at the top. Little Monkey was grabbing the sheet and shuffeling himself along. Can ift his own head, and can switch sides to make sure he is more comfortable. He even puts one arm under his head or comfort. V.sweet.

    And, yeah I know your not meant to put bubba on front to sleep but this was a decission we had to make as our LO was in so much pain. It was the only way he would sleep. I had no sleep while he was in this position but he slept - which was the most important thing. Also, my mum said that they where positively encouraged to put a baby on it's front back in the 70's. I know medical science has moved on and the chance of SID is significantly reduced if you have them sleeping on their back. However, each of has to do waht we think is best for our LO.

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