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Watery discharge or have my waters broken?

Hey ladies...

Just wondered if someone could possible help me.

I am nearly 34 weeks pregnant and i cant decide if i have got a watery discharge or if my waters are trickling.

I get up in the night a few times for a wee and everytime i went for a wee last night it was quite moist inbetween my legs and slightly down my legs but nothing on the bed sheets (sorry tmi) so this morning i got in the shower and made sure i was completly dry but i got wet again pretty much straight away so i have put on a pad.. I am at work at the moment and have just been to the toilet to check my pad and it is not soaked but it is quite wet... theres no colour to it but when i wipe the toilet paper is quite wet.. Can someone please help me? I have been having very mild tummy cramps over the past couple of days but they have only been very mild but i have also been experiencing a lot of discharge throughout my pregnancy but it hasnt been like this...

Thanks Ladies x


  • Sorry I can't really help except to say call your midwife and see what they say.
  • Thanks Wifey... just really wondered if anyone else has experienced this. Going to phone the midwife just to be on the safe side x
  • I have been getting this as well but not as bad a you.i would phone the midwife to make sure best to be safe..x
  • Generally if it is your waters it will be colourless and sweet smelling. If in doubt consult your MW/delivery suite who will test a sample from your pad and be able to tell you the likely source.
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