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estimating baby's weight....

How accurate are the weight estimations?

Today at 32+3 they told me baby is 5lbs, 4 weeks ago today she was only 2lbs 15

One MW said i need to be tested for gestational diabetes, another told me its probe cause baby is in an awkward position making it harder to measure her properly and making it seem her AC is bigger then my consultant said not to worry.

My friend went through the exact same thing with her little boy when she was pregnant, they told her baby was bigger and that he would weigh about 9-10lbs at birth and he was only 7lbs 4, this also happened to a family friend, they said her little girl would be 8-9lbs and she was only 6lbs 9

So im not really sure if i believe my estimates are very accurate. Especially as one MW said that means she will be about 9lbs at birth and another said 7lbs 5


  • im not sure how accurate they actually are. my gynecologist who i had a scan with at 35 weeks didnt give me an exact estimate but said the baby was def not small (ie big side of average) and then a week later at the growth scan at the hospital they estimated in the 45th percentile, so right in the average. either way i think they can be off by quite a bit. i wouldnt worry too much as long as everything is in normal range.
  • At 28 weeks baby weighed 3lb, going for another growth scan tomorrow. I am type one diabetic so they keep saying my baby is big due to my diabetes, however i have good control, my bump is right on target. Sick of saying he could be big because hes just big, im sure plenty of women who arnt diabetic have big babies.

    Im still scared at the prospect of pushing a 10lb baby out tho :lol: (my poor vagina)
  • Had a scan last Wednesday and baby weighed 5lb 9oz. My friends baby was estimated at 33 weeks to be 3lb 5oz and she was born that day weighing 3lb 4oz so I would say pretty accurate in that case although they told me Megan would be 9lb and she was only 7lb 1.5oz x
  • i got told DS would be 7-7.5lb when he was born (4 weeks early) he was 5lb 7.5
  • Hi

    I think the problem is that babies all grow at such different rates around these last few weeks so one minute they're too small, next too big and then just right.

    I think its probably more important that they're healthy!image

    At NCT we learned that actually the silhouette of a 10lb baby versus a 7lb one is in fact identical - all the extra weight tends to be a fat layer all over rather than a much bigger skeleton etc so hopefully that's reassuring on the pushing front!image
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