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Growth scan today

Well it my growth scan and consultant appointment today, clinic takes hours but at least i get to see Alfie briefly when they show me the screen. Hubby gets to watch the whole scan which provides him with a little bit of bond as he is freaked out by my whole pregnancy and bump.

Wonder how much he weighs today? image


  • good luck. I have a doppler scan today on cords and placentas. Wish us both good news xxxx
  • ood luck both of you x
  • Well im back from clinic, baby weighs 5lb 3 at 32+4, lost fluid around the baby so back at fau in the morning for a examination. Consultant said baby isnt staying in till 38 weeks may need to get him out sooner as he could be getting distreesed thats why im getting pain and loosing fluid. Just feel as though anything could happen now
  • Hang in there chick. I know it must feel a bit scary.

    It sounds as though he's a lovely strong weight so would hopefully have minimal complications despite coming early.

    I guess its good they have picked this up and are keeping a close eye on you both.

    Try to relax now you're on leave and be kind to your body.image
  • So im off to fau today to be checked by my consultant, really hope they can leave me a bit longer, really nervous by hubby cant come hes at work.

    Had really bad braxtons in the night felt like a tight band around back and tummy.

    Feeling really down that my body has not been able to support the baby,, no matter how well my diabtes is controlled he is still gaining, his ac is past the 95th percentile, hes has a massive growth spurt.

    Just not ready to share him yet
  • I hope all goes well today and you get to keep him inside for a while yet.Don't feel down about yourself you are doing well and pregnancy is a hard thing for anyone.x
  • fingers crossed he behaves and stays put for a while longer...
  • Oh sweetie - hope it goes well.

    Don't beat yourself up! You have gotten both of you this far and he's still in there.

    If he comes now he will survive and be ok and that's down to you so no more of blaming yourself!!! Ok?!

    Sending lots of hugs and support xx
  • So im home on bed rest, going to let him get to my 36 week scan then decide what to do. He was coming out by 38 weeks anyway. But if hes moving and my pains stop they are happy to leave him.

    But thank you for your support, i just feel relieved, i wa upset and so stressed out yesterday and this morning.
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