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One Born Every Minute US

Anyone else watching?

Just been catching up with this on the planner. Can't understand why all the women are just lying on their backs! Everything i've read / discussed with midwife is so much gaged towards active labours and encouring different positions, is that just not the done thing in the US? When i discussed my birth plan with midwife and said i don't plan to be on my back, she just said that's perfect, as on your back makes it harder coz you're pushing baby uphill!

Also, why are they all on drips?? It's not been explained at all!



  • There was a post on another forum about this the other day. Women from the US said that gas and air isn't really used over there and most opt for an epidural so maybe thats why they don't move around, because they can't x
  • They all have epidurals, and pitocin to induce. Its not as good as the uk obem
  • I haven't watched it to be honest, I seen like 10 minutes of the first one and didn't get into it x
  • My understanding is that in the US you are induced on your due date so a lot of women end up on the hormone drip which, because of the intensity of contractions it causes, kind of goes hand in hand with an epidural = flat on your back! I can vouch for this as it's how I spent my labour with DD! x
  • Yeah most of the women seem to be induced and pretty much all have epidurals. Last week they told one lady she was ready to push and started lowering the bed back so she said "I'm not going to sit up to push?" and the midwife said " If your sitting up where is the baby going to come out?" and I thought well it doesn't come out your arsehole love :lol:
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