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Does anyone know about...

Buggy boards?

I have a bebecar icon with carry cot, seat, car seat etc. I want a buggy board for my dd but as I am quite tall I want one that folds and clips up out of the way so that I dont keep kicking it.

Does anyone know of a good one that does this? Shops dont seem to stock them!


  • go into mothercare. we did as i had no idea which one would fit our pushchair. the woman was an absolute star that we dealt with and showed us everything. we got the lascal one. she said that when we get it on the pushchair that if DS will not have any of it then as long as we've only tested it indoors then we can take it back no problem.
  • Thanks for the info. Think I need to find a bigger mothercare cuz ours doesnt stock them! Does ithe one you went for clip up out of the way?
  • it says so on the box... we've not attached it to the pushchair yet...
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