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Been back to the hospital....:-(

Hiya ladies, just a quick post!!

Me & my little lady have just returned from 10 days at the leicester royal as Ellie-Mae contracted meningitis at 4 weeks! She was so brave though & even carried on feeding all the way through the ordeal (which I was told doesnt usually happen, little piggy)!!

She only had a slight temperature as a symptom. I wasn't too worried to be honest but she was slightly sleepier than normal (she slept from 9pm to 7:30am the following morning) so I phoned my gp, they couldn't get me in until the evening so I decided to nip down to a&e and thank god I did, they admitted her, ran lots of tests & in the end a lumbar puncture and it turned out my little princess had meningitis.

Anyway, the reason why I'm posting is just to say, don't wait for a rash. If your worried at all, take them to the doctor (hopefully they'll be better than mine and be able to fit you in lol). I honestly thought they'd laugh me out of the hospital for being so paranoid and i nearly didn't go but obviously so glad I did now!!

Also don't want to scare anybody with this post, I know I'm in the monority & with any other LO it probably will just be abit of a cold!! But just thought I'd tell our little story!!

Sorry, that didn't turn out to be such a "quick post" did it!!

Hope your all enjoying your little bundle of joys!!!

Lots of love, jerry-lee xx


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