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Great grandparent trouble

Both sets of grandparents are fab in the fact that they don't interfere and just let us get on, only offering advice if i ask, but Ryan's great grandparents are starting to p**s me off!

It's hubby's grandparents and the past 2 times we've been to see them they've really annoyed me. It's little things they say like his gran asked when he was next due a feed and i said 'when he wakes up' and she made some comment about us not having a routine. And i don't, as we have a fab routine overnight which Ryan has set himself, and we are perfectly happy demand feeding and sleeping as and when during the day so what's the problem? Then yesterday we went round and he woke up hungry so i fed him. Afterwards he was wide awake and being his happy little self, and kept sucking on his hand and thumb, which he does all the time, but she kept saying 'oh he must still be hungry, does mummy need to feed you some more?' NO! He just likes to suck, i think i know my own baby, stop accusing me of starving him! We both kept telling her he just likes to suck but she said 'he's still hungry' about 3 times!

I don't like to say anything as it's not in my nature and they're old and i don't want to upset hubby, but grrrrrrrr :x . It's also like they're comparing me to hubby's sister, who apparently has everything to military timing with her little one, but she is nearly a year old now, and i know for a fact she didn't have a routine for a few months - and my boy is only 6 weeks! Stop judging me!

Sorry for whinge but had to vent.



  • Arr bless you, I hate it when people do that.My mil doesn't say he needs feeding she always like hes ok he doesn't need more and kind of hogs him and i have to say he needs a nappy change aswell then only then will she give him to me.x :roll:
  • Yep totally understand, i posted about my nan the other week. She even critises me to my sil. So u know how you feel x
  • Oh, I can relate. Was at mum's the other evening & my nan was down for the weekend. Well the pair of them only wound up arguing over when I should be feeding DD2!! Mum 'She's only just been fed, she can't still be hungry', Nan 'She's crying so she must be'. Don't they think we know our children, after all it is us that spend 24hrs a day with them. :roll:
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