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Drinking water?


Ive been letting my LO drink water(cooled boiled water) since he was a couple of days old. He drinks 10-40mls a day(not everyday). Ive been getting told that I shouldn't let him drink water until he is on solids around 6months old and that giving him water so young is bad for him. He gets it between feeds if he is gurny but not hungry he will drink a bit and it settles him down. I remember the midwife telling me it was ok and it staring him now means when he is older that he will like it and take it better and I remember OH sister giving her little one water as well.

Alex is formula fed.

Is it ok? and what do you all think.



  • Hi, you don't say how old he is but I don't think a newborn should really need water unless the weather is very hot or they are constipated. When he gurns are you sure he's not hungry? If going through a growth spurt you might need to feed a bit more often.

    I started sometimes giving my son water when I switched to formula at 13 weeks but even then only if it was particularly hot. Maybe worth a chat with your health visitor to see what she thinks xx
  • hi

    our mums were told to give cool boiled water when it was hot, but this has since been found to be harmful in that babies drinking water fill their tummies, but with something with no nutrition therefore they are liable to loosing weight.

    The biggest part of both breast and bottle milk is water so it makes sense that they shouldnt really need it, even if the weather is hot. In the early days 40mls could be as much as a whole feed every 24 hours that he's doing without and replacing it with water. I'd probably cut it out. Children only dislike water when they're being weaned because they've been introduced to sweet tasting juice which they want instead. When the time comes avoid other sugary stuff and you probably wont have a problem.

  • I give my DD water sum days ,only 2oz but it helps her poo as sometimes she gets a sore tummy from not being able to do so.

    I did the same with mu DS and it never did him any harm I think you as a mother will know if your baby is hungry so I cant see you replacing a feed with water.

  • I give alfie 2oz a day, dr, hv told me to do to help with his poop issues. Been back to drs today and was told again to make sure he gets his water, as the central heating can dehydrate babies in the winter, makes sense when you thinks about it.

    I aslo give alfie a little bit of water (10ml) as soon as he wakes up, he has a really dry mouth and it can take me 30 mins to sort a bottle out.
  • Alex is 9 weeks old. My HV also said that the water was ok. He isn't hungry as I used to offer him milk and he would take it but he would drink the water. He has beed gaining weight so there is no problem that way. Its not a growth spurt. He feeds every 4hrs and drinking about 4oz a feed, he would take the water between the 12pm and 4pm feed prob bout 2ish as he naps after the 12pm feed. He has never had any problem with his stools prob due to the water.

  • We only give water to Abby on hot days (not too many of them at the moment lol) and if she is constipated. She has only had it twice in 11weeks. She has 6oz of milk every 3 hours x
  • There is no harm whatsoever in giving your baby cooled boiled water to drink, it is highly reccommended when baby is poorly for keeping them hydrated without upsetting their tummy with milk. As long as they are still feeding and gaining weight then I don't see why you shouldn't offer water occasionally too.
  • I sometimes give my little man water when he's constipated and it always does the trick.

    The HV and doc told me there was no need but I only give s little when needed and it works - plus doc actually said advice changes so I sensed he was telling me to use my judgement. I only give a little so makes no difference to his feeds at all.
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