does anyone still come on here?


  • I forgot my log in details for ages but still check in image
  • Hay i do but not much now, how are you and the little one?x

  • Hiya, i come on when i can get the laptop out without sticky little hands getting all over it! image

    How're you all doing?


  • been checking in once in a while.

    We were going to TTc no.2 in new year but last and this month have not tried to prevent a pregnancy so guess we are TTC!!!

    Think we missed ov this month though so have to try again next month x

    SB x

  • i do, my lo was born august 2011 although less and less as no one is ever on here! I started going on netmums a bit as way more people on the chat there - never posted though as every thread seems to turn bitchy! This forum is so lovely and friendly but seems like when people have babies it goes quiet (understandably). ttc and pregnancy always seemed very busy but now im out of those and into being a parent it seems very quiet x

  • I am good and Oliver is getting there, he was diagnosed with gastro-oesofagel-reflux disease.He has medication for it but its not really working so back to hospital on monday for more medicine and possible more treatment.

    I will put a pictures up of him soon(which i have been saying a while).He was in hospital as he throwing up blood and clots which the put down to dairy intolarance, crack nipple which i know i didnt have, high acid in his stomach and a torn esofagous.sp?So had to gice up breastfeeding and put him on soya which supprisenly he took well to..

    He can wave, high 5, clap and in his own style crawl.Still trying to get him to stand walk but nothing as yet and he has 8 nearly 9 teeth which he like to useimage.

    He is very much a mummys boy which is good and bad depending on each situation.image

    Hope you are well and lo are getting on well.xx

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