Formal Diagnosis

Well as I half expected we have had our consultation & lo, behold, my girls are hypermobile.  Hannah actually scored full marks on the scale she is that supple in her joints so we are now under observations on her development (she currently walks pigeon-toed a lot) to determine whether she may need any correctional help in future (so far they have determined they don't need to do interventive surgery as her bones have all formed the way they should so happy mummy & daddy there).

My main problem now is remembering to watch how I'm sitting to encourage the girls to sit correctly (we have a tendancy to sit with our legs in a 'w' which isn't good for our hips/knees/ankles) but I'm so much more comfortable sitting how I'm not supposed to sit rather than the reccommended position of straight, uncrossed legs it's driving me nuts.  Still onward & upward.

Hope everyone else is ok.  Best wishes.

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