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Peed myself being sick!!

Hi everyone.

I was throwing up last night and a little bit of pee escaped! :lol:

It has happened to me before when I've been really desperate and sneezed! Doesn't say much for my pelvic floor muscles eh?!!


  • ohh ditto! :lol: i have to quickly put some tissue there incase i throw up bad my dh says i look like the excorsist!! Thanks love! :roll:
  • ah bless you !! i have a feeling you wont be the last person to do it ! my pelvic floor muscles arent the same since the birth of my lo ! xx
  • haha I've done it too! especially if it's first thing in the morning and I need to throw up before I get a chance to pee. Normally I try to hold it til I pee first but doesn't always work.
  • yep done that too...also done the whole sat peeing whilst puking in the sink...pregnancy is sooooo glamourous!!
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