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I've gone cold turkey- eeek

ladies, after getting my Bfp about 2 weeks ago and still BF my lo, i'm getting to feel really tired and drained, so last week i and hubby decided that I would go cold turkey today and not give our lo any breast milk.

Up until 6.00pm she did very well and then she wanted to sleep and wanted breast milk,so I gave her a bottle of cows milk which she never drinks and to my suprise she drank a whole 2 oz ( which is fantastic for her as she only drinks breast milk) After drinking i managed to sussh pat her to sleep, however she did try and place her mouth on my breast area whilst trying to fall asleep.

She finally fell asleep after 15 mins but then I tried to put her down and she woke up and cried and cried and cried for about 15 mins before she fell asleep again (I have never seen her like that before, she looked really stressed out). After about 20 mins she woke up and she wanted some breast milk so became very clingy, I then offered her same apple and she happy ate that. Now i just have to try and take her mind of the breast which is a little difficult and my breast are now really sore.

Do you lovely ladies have any suggestions and how did you try and wean you little ones of breast milk?


  • I didn't breast feed but have you tried a dummy at the time when she is trying to feed? It sounds like a comfort thing as she was happy with the cows milk and the apple.

    Another way is to faze it out if you find you are having real trouble. Cut it down to one feed if possible around bed time or through the night.

  • I stopped gradually, putting her onto the bottle a feed at a time, so in the end she was just having booby first thing. Then I dropped that one. But I think it was easier for me, as she was a premmie and she had bottles of expressed breast milk as soon as she started sucking feeds at about 5 weeks. Then when I started breast feeding properly, she still had to have bottle top ups, so she's always been used to the bottles. So having booby taken away didn't bother her that much, and as it was gradual it didn't hurt me either. xx
  • Thanks ladies, to be honest my lo wasn't drinking much during day it was just the night feeds that became really draining she would fall asleep on the boob and when I go to move her back into her bed she wold wake up (this only started happening recently) so for the last few weeks I and hubby have found our selves sharing a bed with our lo; because of this I haven't had a good nights sleep in about three weeks. I just new I had to stop her some how before baby number two comes along.

    Today hasn't been bad at all and she has been really really good, boobs are really sore, but I have started expressing the milk little by little, it really feels as if I have just given birth with all the pain and expressing milk process image. All in all 'm really proud of my little princess as she had taken so will to cows milk, she will be starting nursery in a couple of weeks and the teacher advised that she should be on cows milk now, so I'm really pleased with her process, she took two whole bottles today.

    Thanks ladies for your support, it really isn't easy, but I am managing some how.
  • well done, it sounds like you're getting there.

    I dropped feeds gradually as well until she was just getting the night one, but as that was already where you were at that's not much help I know sorry! I found it took several weeks after dropping the night feed before I completely stopped having milk, I hand expressed a little bit in the shower a few times when it was very uncomfortable, and once when I noticed a sore red bit appearing i thought EEEEK and really massaged that bit and expressed 'through' it IYKWIM. But it went down again thankfully.

    Well done your LO too for having her cows milk image
  • Glad things are going well. xx
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