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Does anyone else have a noticeable bump yet?!

I'm only 6 weeks tomorrow but have a bump that looks about 13/14 weeks?! Does anyone else have a noticeable bump yet?! My stomach went back quite flat after DS but has just popped out over this week! I know you are supposed to show quicker with no 2 but this is ridiculous! I wanted to keep it secret from work until as late as possible cos I have a horrible boss but might have to rethink this now! :?


  • Yes I have one but not sure if it's because I am eating more and it's a fat bump and not a baby one! I'm normally quite slim but I have noticed my work tights definitely feel tighter and I can see a little bump on my tummy! But then today I've eaten porridge, a yoghurt, orange, crisps, cheese on toast, kit kat, a plate of salmon pasta cheese and grilled tomatoes and I'm heating up a rhubarb crumble at the moment. Now I've written that all down it seems like loads! image

    I note you've said you've already got a little one and I have heard that people show much earlier on subsequent pregnancies x
  • I do to image and I hate it feel like I'm about 14 weeks gone, I feel so bloated allllll the time too I was the same with my little girl but didn't grow much more till I was gone 20wks it just kinda got more firm lol xx
  • I did a couple of weeks back but it was just bloating. Seems to have gone down now. Can't wait to get a bump. Sometimes, I forget that I'm pregnant just now - then I'm sick!
  • mines looks slightly popped out at the moment, but it's being bloated, all my cloths still feel fine on me, but going to start looking for some new maternity trousers, so that i don't wake up one morning and find that all my trousers don't fit me any more :lol:
  • I feel huge. Not a bump though, just feel really fat and bloated. Strangely though I've had 3 people in work tell me how much weight I've lost!! I think my uniform is deceptive because I certainly don't feel like I've lost loads of weight!!

    Angiebaby, I can't believe some random bloke just touched your bump. I hate when people think they can touch you just because your pregnant :roll:
  • Haha! I hav been eating really healthy with this pregnancy so far and have lost 2lbs but the bump is definately firm not flabby! Lol! :lol:

    Angie I can't believe a random man touched your tummy! I would have slapped him! I never experienced that 1st time round!
  • Yep, I've had to start wearing some maternity clothes already - and am only 6+1!! Just for comfort more than anything!! Had my first appt with the midwife on Fri and she had a good feel around to check for the possibility of there being more than one in there due to the size of me!! Luckily she doesn't think there is more than one - phew! - but wasn't willing to bet her wages on it!! We'll see...

    Mrs S

    DS1 - nearly 4!

    DS2 - 6 weeks and 1 day along....
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