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I knew this time would be hard but bloody hell......

IM KNACKERED!!!!!! :lol:

My ds2 has had a viral infection for 3 weeks had 3 trips to the on all dr on every Saturday night lol and trip to the dr surgery as ds1 caught the conjunctivitis and has an ear infection to between the two of them I have been up and down every night for the past 2 weeks they don't nap during the day either ahhhhhh!!! Top it off my husband who is brilliant ATM had to go to a&e with chest pains yesterday so was sitting in there for 3 hours ... Ah don't mind I'd rather be ther to know what's going on but after a half decent nights sleep woken up still shattered! And iv caught a cold

Hands up who could sleep for a month!! Who said having kids were easy image

Upwards and onwards off to baby group to get some energy out of the 3 yr old

Needed that vent image


  • First of all i just want to say well don! i know it must not be easy with two young children and feeling unwell. You are super mum! Once the conjunctivitis and has an ear infection has cleared up are you able to leave your boys with any extended family for a night, so that you can put your feet up and have a good nights rest? hope the cold shifts away soon.

  • Wow you are having a rough time! I hope everyone in your family is better soon! I thought I had it bad with a chesty cough I will stop feeling sorry for myself and feel sorry for you instead! image
  • haha thanks ladies the boys are on the mend and for the first time in 5 months my youngest is having a nap in the day! woo! My husband is fantastic tho after work he comes and tidies up and puts the kids to bed and some housework, Think just with the cold its taken it out of me im not used to having rests in the day and going to bed early! BEtter get used to it again, did try a nap yesterday but with the 3 yr old going stir crazy from no preschool got a octonauts magazine slapped in my face and asked to help him lol

    aww i do love my boys feeling brighter today! im sure we will be having plenty of moany days!

    hope everyone is well!
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