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I seem to have a thing for cheese sandwiches too, actually anything to do with cheese! My weakness is primula cheese spread with ham on just about anything (much to my husband's disgust!)


  • cherrys! Cherry pie,cherry airwaves stop me being sick atm, cherry shamppoo (although im not eating that lol just the smell is beaut!) cherry lips balm think it just stops the nausea for some reason although i have to be carefull eating fresh cherries although i love them as the set my asthma off for some reason... lol
  • hi my craving is spag ball i carnt get enough of it and raw onions im having a boy i found out yesturday xxxxxx
  • Garlic bread! Yum! Though doesn't make for fresh breath :lol:
  • I am eating loads of blueberries...yum I have them in yoghurt so feel healthy enough. I wanted nothing but Chinese curry with my dd and the thought of it this time is horrible so maybe I am carrying a boy??x
  • Thats funny apricotmoon, as i completly went of chinese food with my dd, but i don't mind a little bit of it now. before, the smell of the egg fried rice would make me want to vomit, but i'm ok with it now.
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