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nearly fainted yesterday ladies

I rushed out the house and only had something small to eat, after about two hours i felt really hot so had a glass of water, i then began to feel dizzy so stood outside and had something sweet to drink. i then began to vomit that back up sorry if it tmi. i really don't know what it is; i must be honest i hadn't taken my spatone or pregnancare in two days i jusr kept forgetting to take it - spatone is an iron s. Suppliment. Anyway, haven't really felt myself today and managed to get to work fine; just couldn't wait to finish.

my daughter has had a really bad cold and cough and saturday night we were up all night with her; i wonder if it's anything to do with the lack of sleep also. sorry if i'm going on a bit just thought i would share it with u.

How r u all?


  • Hope you feel better soon, it is probably a few of the factors that you mentioned, so take it easy and look after yourself.x
  • Yep rushing around in the morning and not eating properly could be the reason. I always end up anemic in pregnancy so I'm taking an iron supplement too. It could be with your forgetting to take it your iron took a dive. Just take it easy!

  • Hey huni

    Gc but saw your post on the side bar. Just wanted to say hope your feeling better and to take it easy. Sending you a big hug xxx
  • Aww bless ladies, it can be hard to remember at times. feeling a lot better today, but looking forward to the weekend! Thanks jessiepud your such a sweet heart. x
  • take it easy chick x x x x
  • Oh no, sounds like a mixture of the above reasons. Try and take things easy and hopefully it won't happen again, it must've been scary xx
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