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Due in August and September 2012 facebook group

hello September ladies,

Am saying hello from the Due in August forum next door! image

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying pregnancy

Afew of us in DIA have set up and started a facebook group which we would like to invite you ladies to aswell.

Is a private group so nobody else on facebook can see you are a member or any of your posts etc.

We are just chatting about symptoms, hospital apps, how we are feeling, adding bump pics and general chit chat.

We have 1st time mummies, some with 1 already and one lady whose expecting her 5th and a trainee antenatal teacher so lots of different experiences to share!

Would love you to join. If you are interested just pm me your facebook name and profile pic so i can find you and ill add you to the group. My first name starts with an S and my profile pic is my dog so if you get a friend request from a stranger on facebook fitting that description its just me!



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    That sounds like a great idea, I'm on my iPod at the moment and can't work out how to send you a private message so I'll do it when I go on the pc. Thanks xx
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