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To kimdunc- advice about returning to work

Hiya hun, i felt the same way as you and initially i wanted to use up all mt holiday before i went back to work. however my manager advised me to ease back into work by working once a week three weeks before my official start date, that ment i had an extra three days holiday which i can now take between now and april. it's been great as i've been using those days for my appointments as i didn't want my manager to know now.

may be you can try the same thing, why don't you give your manager a call and ask to start a couple of weeks earlier than planned for one or teo days. To be honest it really helped me get back into the swing of things after a year. all the best hun.


  • Not sure if you have seen this yet hun so i hsve written this message to push it to the top.

    P.s i told my manager yesterday that i was expecting and she was actually very pleased for me and explained to me about my holiday and so forth. i was really nervous about telling her after hust coming back. x
  • Hi,

    So sorry I hadn't seen the first message. I've still got 10 "keep in touch" days I can use but I'm running out of time as i go back in 2 weeks!

    Unfortunatley DS has decided to start with separation anxiety he crys and clings to me like a baby monkey when i try to go anywhere. We've had almost 3 weeks of visits etc with the childminder and so far hes only stayed for half an hour and was in a right state with himself when i went back. I'm going to have to be tough with him next week and hope for better results!

    I've worked for the company for 9 years but my line manager retired whilst I was on mat leave so the whole dept has changed and so has HR. The last HR manager was one of my closest friends and i could wrap him round my little finger, the new one is not nice and i cant trust her. She upset me when I was about to go off on mat leave telling me a not so nice statistic about still born children - yeah thanks for that, like we've not struggled enough

    The new manager seems ok, i have said i'll pop in for a catch up when I can.

    Kim xx

    Ps didnt realise how much i've waffled on sorry xx
  • I know exactly how you feel as i came back to a new manager as well so was very surprised at her positive reaction.

    It's so sad having to leave our lo's but there is nothing that can been done if we want or have to be working mothers. To be honest my daughter settled in really well at her nursery, it was stopping breastfeeding a week before i went back that brought tears to my eyes i had very seen her cry so loud for so long, but i had to be strong and after a week she was fine and didn't even think about it. So what i'm trying to say is that you have to be strong for your son and just believe he will be just fine.

    will you be keeping him with the childminder once you give birth to your little one? I'm planning on taking my lo out and taking her back when i go back to work after a year.
  • I know he'll be fine eventually so that doesn't worry me, i just feel slightly annoyed that he isn't settling in, and i will feel guilty leaving him knowing he'll be upset and it cant be nice for the childminder having a distressed baby upsetting the other kiddies.

    Once I go on Maternity leave again he'll stop going. Not sure if i'll be going back to work, i guess it depends on whether is financially beneficial. with only 1 child to pay for childcare its ok, but seems pointless when you have to pay for 2. I'm lucky that my hubby has a decent salary although it means we get no help off the "system" but thats life!

    kim x
  • I know exactly what u been by not gettibg any help of the system. I wiuld love to live abroad better way of life and get mire for your money it's something that i and hubby are actually planning towards has he works abroad most of the year. then i will be a full time mum snd possibly setup my own business or so. well we will have to see. xx
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