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Sorry I dont get on much girls - how are we all ?

As the title says sorry I dont get on much. With a 2 year old, 9 month old and morning sickness I rarely get the opportunity to drag the laptop out and the site is soooooooooo slow off my phone !!!

I'm still suffering with sickness and exhaustion (how much of this symptom is down to the kids though i dunno), doesnt help that my kids are both suffering with rotten colds so i'm up alot in the night, especially with my son and a baby does not appreciate you trying to wipe the huge amounts of snot away !!!!! :roll:

I've got my scan on Monday, both excited and terrified at the same time as by this time on my other pregnancies i'd have 3 or 4 early scans, this is the first time ive had no early intervention - which I guess I should be pleased about but it feels weird.


  • Hiya hun, it's good to hear how you are getting along. i can't wait for my scan on tuesday i'm so excited it feels just the same as when i had my scan for my daughter.

    sorry that ur little ones have colds- it's horrible to see them suffering especially the baby; but u can't really do much apart from wipe it away. i am the same with my daughter - we were up all night about two weeks ago. hope to see you on here a bit more. xxx
  • Its frustrating as other than copious amounts of snot, in the daytime they seem fine but come the middle of the night my ds always wakes and has a tendancy to wake my dd (even though their rooms are opposite ends of the house).

    I'm finding myself in bed by 7:30pm once the kids are settled and just trying to catch up on sleep as ds wakes anywhere from midnight onwards. Some nights he'll settle easy and sleep till morning others we're up and down like yoyo's with him.
  • I had wondered where you'd been hiding lambchop image

    Sorry to hear your still feeling sick, I'm the same, literally counting down the days till it buggers off as I've had enough :roll:

    Have you got help on hand with your two lo's? I don't think I could have survived these past weeks without my in laws & parents to help with my two.

    I hope your two get better soon and good luck for Monday, I'm sure all will be fine xxx
  • hi there, i too dont get on much. sorry u have poorly babes hope they get better soon.

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