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Funny dream last night.

Last night, in my dream, I had my 12 week scan. But I didn't actually go, hubby went for me! He had some gadget that he waved over my tummy and took that with him, and from that they could do the scan! :lol:

Anyway, he came home from the scan with a 3D scan picture of 4, yes FOUR babies, all looking exactly the same. image And they told him they couldn't guarantee that there weren't more! I suppose compared to this twins would be great!!

I have my scan next Monday, and am really hoping there's only one in there!!


  • Hehe sounds like a funny dream :lol:

    My midwife & GP keep saying I might be having twins due to how sick I've been, so I'm really looking forward to my scan tomorrow when they will confirm that it's just one (wishful thinking...) xxx
  • lol that's funny!

    Cherries, I was terribly sick with my son and it landed my in hospital on a drip for 3 days and he was just a singleton so it doesn't always mean twins! Although, you never know!! lol

  • wow crazy dream but so funny cherrie they said that about my last PG as i was so sick from 7-25 weeks was in and out of hospital on drips and they kept on insisting i check i am only having one so had lots of scans
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