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Well it's got a big head.... :o)

Hello Ladies,

Hope all are well! Just an update on Baby S #2 after our latest appointment. As many of you know, I have a 4 year old with Down's syndrome, who was a complete surprise to us at birth. Signs so far would suggest that this one is behaving itself and only showcasing the regular number of chromosomes this time image.

Am under the consultant at the hospital and had to go for a growth scan last week, as one thing that was missed with George was the fact that he was so small - just over 4lbs at full term. Well, this one is most certainly NOT small, with the head alone measuring approximately a week and a day bigger than dates......EEEEEEKKKKK!! On the plus side with this, it is currently breech, which makes my eyes water slightly less - although am not keen on the propect of a section! They are hopeful that it will turn with 11 weeks still to go, and am back there for another growth check at 34 weeks.. so hoping it will behave itself and I will just have to brace myself. Having said that, George ripped me to shreds even at 4lbs with the speed at which he came.. I went from 4cm to him being there in just over 2 minutes, so I suppose in theory its all been stretched once image.

Hope we are all keeping well - I finish work next week (am a teacher) and am looking forward to finally being able to think about getting things ready for little ones arrival - done absolutely nothing yet!!

Mrs S x

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