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Got my BFP!!

Hi ladies!! I got a BFP on Monday and really hoping I have a sticky bean!! I have a 2 year old daughter and this was our first month ttc baby no. 2 - so surprised that we've done it (our daughter was conceived first month trying too!). Hope you're all feeling well. I haven't got many symptoms so far, I've had a bit of cramping and am very emotional though!! Looking forward to getting to know everyone! xx


  • Hello...!!

    Just thought I would gatecrash from due in July and say congratulations again image

    I was really emotional as well when I found out, hormones have a lot to answer for lol xx
  • Ah thanks hun!! It's very quiet on here at the moment! I am literally crying at everything, yesterday Poppy dropped a Christmas decoration and it broke but was easily fixable and I burst into tears!!! Also cried when we took the puppy for her jabs!!!! I think the vet though I was a complete nut case!!!! xx
  • Welcome hun, and congratulations! I have a 20 month old daughter and we were lucky enough to fall pregnant in the 1st month with this one too!!

    Exciting times!! Congratulations!


  • welcome and YAY!!! image it is a little quiet on the forum at the moment- think beacuse its such a fragile time! xx

  • Hello.. Yes, early days still but nice to say hello. I've no symptoms whatsoever so slightly paranoid at the moment. Although saying thatlast time I has morning sickness very day from 6 weeks - 4 months. I wouldnt mind giving that a miss!
  • Hi all, just thought I'd comment on this post as I'm due in aug 2013! Around the 10th! It's my first after ttc for 2 years! So happy it's actually happened! Would they be any chance of me getting an early scan do you think?

    Keep me updated on how your feeling because I'm the same at the minute however all I want to do Is sleep and eat lol.

    When should I tell work? It's my first baby.. And haven't got my first midwife app till the 8th jan! I just want to make sure that baby's there!

    Keep me updated xxxxxx and congrats to you's all
  • Thanks ladies image

    Paige Maria, with my first I told work at 14 weeks. I wanted my boss to hear it from me rather than someone else but I wanted to wait until after my scan. You don't have to tell work until much later if you don't want to...if you're able to hide it!

    Congratulations to everyone!! Hope you're all feeling well. I haven't really got any symptoms apart from being very emotional, but I didn't with my first pregnancy either. Got a gp appointment tomorrow and I think we're going to book an early scan for the beginning of Jan. Xx
  • Hello lovely! So pleased we get to do the pregnancy journey together again! image XX

  • Yey Sarah, it's brilliant!!! image xxx
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