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ontroduce yourself ??

Thought be nice to introduce ourselves image Im katie 29 2nd baby Already have a 5 year old daughter Hairdresser image


  • hi katie, im dolly, 20, first baby but we have custody of our 3yr old niece.

    had three recent mcs so fingers crossed for this little one image

    kitchen associate living in north devon image xx


  • Hi Girls, Im Becky nearly 26, first baby image very excited but very nervous! 12 week scan seems forever away. After an early scan found I was 8 weeks when docs had guessed at 5 so further along than we thought now due 22nd November until they change the date again xx

  • Ive got my scan on the 13th may ... but according to my dates im due 23rd November our will be close together becky image 

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