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Will you be finding out sex of baby or staying neutral?

hi all

just wondering who is finding out sex at 20 scan? I'm so impatient we're having a private early scan at 16&3 to find out! We did with our son too! Xx


  • I don't want to know to be honest but my hubby does! He really wanted to know last time but I was adamant I didn't want to know so we didn't! This time though I'll give in and let him!!

    We're tempted by an early gender scan but I'd rather have a 3d scan later on so I guess I'll just have to be patient until my 20 week scan on 19th June! 

    I think it's another little girl anyway! 


  • Because of a family emergency, I had my 20 week scan at 23+6. Up to that point, we were both adamant that we didn't want to know, but the night before we both changed our minds image

    I had said all along I was having a boy, and I was right!


    Hope you get whichever you are hoping for MrsAllen!

  • I am not finding out as it is a lovely surprise when u don't know x

  • I have to get organised though! I'm one of those that makes lists and has a new notebook for every new project!

    we had a 4d scan as well later on last time about 30ish weeks. Be nicer this time to take our son so he starts to understand, mummy is having a baby! At the moment hes really oblivious! Xx

  • I'm desperate to know but am not going to find out. I really like the surprise on the day but I know I'll be scrutinising that 20 week scan picture! Xx I  do like the idea of the 3D scan later on and I think ill take my son to that too xx

  • Me and my boyfriend are both far too impatient not to know!! We will definitely be finding out, I was initially convinced we were having a boy.  But now I think we are having a girl as my symptoms started to go so early, still feeling very tired though by end of the day.  Xx

  • I found out with my daughter was convinced I was having a boy! We will probably find out this time 2 exciting !! Xxx

  • We found out last time and both guessed right. I haven't had any real thoughts yet so will wait until we have had our 12 week scan this Thursday but we will find out again at 20 weeks. Hubby's hoping for a girl this time. xx

  • we found out last time and we were both right, we had a little boy. i want to stay yellow this time but my husband desperately wants to find out again so were still debating what to do. my initialy feeling was strongly girl for this one, now i dont know. i always saw myself with 2 boys after having my first. either way i dont care, im happy with either.

  • We really would like a girl this time... I do feel different to when i had my son but not sure if that's just because its 2nd time... Cant wait to find out! You neutral ladies must have much stronger will than me! Xx

  • Def finding out again, we did with my son and i was correct. originally i thought girl as had terrible sickness but its been on off in waves and the pregnancy is more like my sons and similar cravings so gut instinct says boy again image

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