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    Arms look massive haha 13 week


  • You have done  well look slim but with bump my arms look to big on this photo x

  • A definate bump there hun! I've put on a little weight, was 8 st 7 now 8 st 11. Hoping not to put on as much this time xx

  • Aww I goa scanned today 2 pound most  must be water but baby looked so big today like two big. But never know xx

  • you look fab ladies!!

  • Thank you Hun add yours xx

  • im not sure how??

  • The tool bar where you type see the picture of the tree press that icon and should say upload picture xx

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     this is me today at 13+4 with some mini bump action image

  • Aww tiny bump xx

  • It's a definately bump coming jvlwithbabyboy. I'm really short so all out front as I have very little room lol! X

  • Booked my private scan so excited is anyone having gender one early xx

  • aww so exciting hun, no we didn't with Riley so won't with this one either. I'm thinking its another boy and looking forward to finding out in about 6 weeks xx

  • When is your 20 week date scan ? Xx

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     feeling pretty massive in comparison to you all.  this is me at 13+3!

  • Aww lovely bump you must be due same date as me 16th of november ? As I'm 13 weeks 3 days image yesterday I felt so bloated and my stomacke looked so pregnant and not over eating or nothing but my back still looks pretty small and waist not to bad it's just my stomache xx

  • My scan is 27th June. Lovely bump speccles. I will take another pic tomorrow when I'm 14 weeks as seem to have grown all of a sudden xx

  • my next scan is june 6th but i dont want to find out the sex. we did last time but id love to stay yellow this time.

    missl - i feel your pain with the bloat, im the same. my jeans are starting to feel more snug now. i was in my normal trousers till about 17 weeks last time (although not all of them, my skinny jeans had to go earlier than that) and hoping to avoid maternity jeans till then again. i really dont like maternity clothes lol.


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     Latest bump pics, can't believe how quickly time is going and hopefully in another 2 weeks I will start to feel this baba moving xx

  • ooh gorgeous! youve def popped a wee bit image think i have too. like yours my ickle bump seems to have moved up a bit. i bet maternity jeans arent too far off now lol.


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