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I was 16 weeks when I started getting little flutters, am 14+1 today so hoping its not going to be too long until I feel my little pickle moving!!! Just wondering if anyo e has felt their baby yet and how many weeks were u??? 

2nd time and more mummies anyone felt it earlier this time??? Xx


  • well im feeling flutters hun like weird sensations and when i put doppler on baby kicking so could be that i dont know if its to early how about you ? xx



  • I'm not sure, when I was laying in bed last night I thought I could feel baby moving but I'm not 100% convinced so will see how the next few days go and then decide for sure lol!! Eeek its so exiting!! How r u feeling hun??? are u more relaxed now?? I am now I am growing my bump well!! I posted a new bump picture on our bump thread. Xx

  • i was wondering the same thing. i felt my boy move around 16 weeks last time as well and by 19 weeks you could most def feel it from the outside too. im also waiting every day for it. i thought once or twice that id felt something already but its so hard to tell because im so bloated that it could easily have been gas lol. either way, not long im sure image

  • hello rileysmummys aww it could be  iknow i love it and im feeling fine very relaxed i have got a bump over night and its not weigh i checked proper got little bump i will have a look at yours xx

  • Same as me then jvlwithbabyboy!! Still not convinced but it won't be long. Really can't wait and I'm enjoying this pregnancy so much more than with Riley as was so sick still. Also had very bad SPD at 18 weeks so really hoping to not get that this time xx

  • Im definitely feeling real little kicks now but have had stronger movements from around 14 weeks im now 16 weeks today due 1st of Novemeber, I can even feel it if i put my hand to my tummy, oh hasnt felt it yet tho as pickle stops when i get his hand lol x

  • I'm feeling stronger fluttering but no definite movement. I cant wait. My boobs and bump are enormous but I've only put on half a stone so far....

    my spd has come back rileysmummy. Been in a lot of pain and saw gp on Monday. He's given me cocodamol for pain relief and referred me to says she'll try and get some crutches for me but i wont see her now till 22 weeks! Xx

  • Mrsallen poor u hun!! its horrible isnt it!!!! did it come bac quicker or more Intense? I got it at 18 weeks last time and was in so much pain daily. Physio helped for the day that I had it but then it would revert straight back. Really hoping  not to get it!! X

  • I've had fluttering for about 10 days now but no real kicks.  I only feel the flutters when I'm lay down in bed!  Can't wait to feel proper movement!

    I also have spd again image  it's not too bad yet and it's better at night if have a pillow between my knees so I'm hoping it doesn't get worse too quickly! 

    I have a bit of a bump now but haven't put any weight on at all so far! I'm sure that will change from here on in though image

  • I've had proper movements last night and today. Cant wait for proper kicks too! Spd is definitely more intense and much much earlier than before, last time i didn't suffer till 28/30 weeks. With the pain relief and the recommendations from midwife it isn't as bad now but have to be very careful. Doing the shopping on Tuesday left me in agony! Only another 23 weeks to go! Uhh! Xx

  • I have had little flutters can't feel anything with my hand tho just occasional flutters inside and not everyday just now and then.

  • babypie - that sounds like me at the moment. one day im sure i can feel fluttering and then nothing for 2 days. like now. im driving myself crazy worrying if everything is ok.


  • I think I am feeling a lil movement today, especially when sitting. Just a slight flutter/nudge...I think thats pip image been using my doppler every couple of days, very strong beat asked hubby to confiscate it if I'm getting all obsessed with itimage

    I'm 16+1 (well scan said I was tho I calculated week less) this is my second baby

  • This is my 3rd baby and its just the past few days that I've started feeling movement (i'm 18+1) with my 1st I felt her about 16 wks and my 2nd 14 wks. Had a scan today and apparently my placenta is front facing so that will explain why I havent been feeling anything before now. 

    I love this part of pregnacy though its my favourite bit ha 

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