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Long vs short names

We are trying to narrow down the list of potential names for our new arrival, but I am a bit torn. The name we both like is technically a shortening of a longer name but we are not that keen on the longer full Name.

Part of me things just call them the short name we like but part of me thinks we should give them a more sensible full narme that sounds better if they want to be a doctor or prime minister.

does this matter or am I being a bit old fashioned and short sighted about the effect of a name?


  • We've picked a short name which is a shortened version of a long name. It's the only name we agreed on lol so if you both like it, do it!! They can still be the next prime minister or doctor whatever their name is. Xx

  • hi we are calling our daughter savannah   30weeks 3days x

  • Calee savannah was the middle name we chose for a girl, but won't ever get to use it. Such a pretty name x

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