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Anyone else got hardly any symptoms??!

Hi girls, As the title says, I have hardly any symptoms at all... I have a few little things that I had in my last pregnancy, such as peeing a bit more, little twinges in my ligaments, really dry skin, but nothing that made me think I was preggers! My last PG was sooo different I had morning sickness from day 1 and the tiredness started really early too... I'm nearly 6 weeks so it'll probably all kick in soon... I just worry cos I don't feel preggers at all! Keep doing PG tests every few days to make sure! Anyone else not got many symptoms? xxxx


  • hun im axactly the same, odd day i feel sicky, iv got slightly sore boobs but theyve not really grown (but are leaking already) i ge tht eodd cramps, peeing more, bigger appetite, thats it. i will be worried till the day i see baby on the scan image x

  • Me too hun, cannot wait for my scan. Are u having an early scan or waiting til 12 weeks?

  • I didn't have many until this week. I've been really tired pretty much since we found out and had a few cramps the first week but that was it. Started feeling sicky quite a bit this week and getting lots of head rushes when I move. Had lots of pain behind my belly button maybe 2 and a half weeks ago and put that down to stretching. Oh and peeing lots, the last 2 weeks I've had to get up in the night! Like I said though the majority didn't get me until 6/7 weeks. I was doing a test a day until 6 and a half weeks and I still haven't got sore boobs or actually been sick which worrys me for some reason!

  • Hi there - I'm 15 weeks and still to this day I've not really had any symptoms apart from extreme tiredness! I just think we should count ourselves lucky that we haven't! It's nothing to worry about x
  • CantWait4LOs i wish i could have an early scan as i do have an increased chance of mc but looks like i wont this time so will be waiting till 12 weeks image x

  • Thanks girls that's reassured me a bit. It's just sooo diferent from my first PG! Well I went to see docs today to let her know I'm preggers and get booked in with midwife. Due date is still Halloween lol. I asked to have an early scan as I had one last time due to bleeding and have already had a bit of spotting this time, and she agreed right away, so hopefully  I'll get my appointment soon. Aw Dani, its a shame ur doc isnt as accomodating, surely they should let u have one with your increased risk? Hugs hun xxx

  • Hi

    I dont have many symptoms either.... just very tired at night and more hungry!

    Im started to panic that somethings wrong..... Its our first so i prob wouldnt be offered a early scan so i have ages to wait : (
  • Hi

    I'm 6 and half wks (1st time mum) and not many symptoms either, fairly tired and a few aches here and there, occassionally slightly tender boobs but i feel totally normal a lot of the time. Is it normal to have to wait 8-12 weeks for my first appointment with a mw? X
  • Dani+Bump - did you say you were in Berkshire? I'm going to a private clinic in Reading where I went for my last pregnancy. It's £75 for an early reassurance scan with a really experienced sonographer, she has a lot of NHS referrals. Let me know if you would like details x

  • Beckyboo2012 where abouts do you live? Reading is a little to far really as atm i dont drive image oh wouldnt want to pay for a scan now just to ease my mind. iv booked my mw app and its not till the 4th (ill be 10 weeks) gutted as i saw mw at 8 weeks with Nathan. been getting alot more cramping today and seems to be slightly one sided so i might speek to my doc if it continues for longer x

  • Im 15 weeks pregnant and i STILL dont feel pregnant! even tho ive had my scan, listened to heartbeat and now have a small but pronounced bump! I even think ive felt some flutters!

    I lost a baby last april at 8 weeks so this pregnancy has been such a breeze that im finding it hard to belive lol dont think it will be real till im getting kicked hard and waddling around.

    Be patient for your 12 week scan, its worth waitinf that little bit longer i was 11 weeks as midwife got my dates wrong and could see fingers and nose and everything, and even got a lovley picture image good luck girls xx

  • Thaks supersquish!! Well I defo feel PG now, am feeling soooooo sick and so tired I can hardly move. Just want to sleep for England LOL. How are the rest of oy ladies doing? xxxx

  • Still feel like utter rubbish. managed to eat a bit more today than i have all week. cant wait to feel human again after 12 weeks. And I agree with you cant wait I could sleep for all of europe at this rate lol x

  • Amazing how something so teeny can have such a massive effect isnt it!!! Hope we start to feel better soon hun xxxxx

  • Hi guys well I'm so nauseas but seems to slow down around 7pm then starts again early morning, constipation s coming too sorry TMI but its true I've started fyborgel so hopefully will help, I've def got a bump I love it!! Got my 8wk scan Monday image hope you all feel bit better soon xxx
  • How did it go Joanne, hope all went well, how  u feeling? I feel like complete crap!!!! But it's all worth it, keep reminding myself that I'll start to feel better in a few weeks time! xxx

  • Hi carntwait image my scan went well thankyou and we could see the little heart beating so happy, I'm feeling better as my nausea is easing but then I get worried that something is wrong lol I'm very bloated and I'm getting out of breath, how are you?? Xxxx
  • I'm glad someone else mentioned out of breath - I've been feeling very unfit of late!


  • I feel very unfit also I get so out of breath at times haha xxx
  • Ah so pleased ur early scan went well Joanne! I had mine the other day and all looked normal, it was lovely to see little one for the first time! Glad to hear u r feeling better, lucky u I feel like absolute crap!!! xxx

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