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Symptoms coming and going?

I know it's completely normal but I'm worrying that my symptoms (and I didn't have many to start with) have gone or got a bit better. I was worried by the lack of them to start with but surely they shouldn't be going at 9 weeks. I just want to feel pregnant and I want my scan letter to hurry up and arrive! Last week I was feeling pretty nauseous and stupidly tired but the nausea seems to have gone. I'm hoping I've spoken too soon and it's back tomorrow! I think I'm just getting anxious to see baby again as it feels like forever ago now, lets hope the anxiety stops when my belly starts to grow. I just still can't believe I'm pregnant. xx


  • i cant believe am pregnant either ive got that sicky feeling and cant wait to see a scan pic to see my baby is atcually there lol
  • Omg I feel like crap n wish it would go away n stay away not wishing it to be there n get worse. Trust me ladies becareful what you wish for it might just come true lol
  • Hahaha I just haven't had a lot of the typical pregnancy feelings, not had sore boobs at all, felt sicky on and off for 3 weeks max and it seems to have gone. If it wasn't for tiredness I'd really be in a panic!

    Kala hope you feel more pg soon.

    Karen hope you feel a bit better soon, although not too soonimage

  • Thanks, when I was pregnant with my son I wAz 11 weeks and didn't know I didn't even realise I had missed a period, believe by 12 wks I was soooooooooooo sick n when I wasn't sick I was asleep which is when it's meant to settle down. With my girls as soon as I got a pos test I felt sick n didn't really fancy food but nothing major, this time found out I was preggers at 4 wks had nothing at all symptom wise then I hit 6 wks n omg everyday gets worse. I've currently got lamb in the slow cooker n it is making me soooooooooooo sick, thing is the only time I don't feel sick is when I'm eating. Start work for 12 wks tomorrow and I'm dreading it.

    Sorry my moan over

    Karen x
  • smoothies beat tirdness mrs m and mini m i was knackered now am up and full of beans x

  • I know what you mean, I was having a bit of a panic about symptoms going and then I bought a fetal Doppler. It arrived this am and I got a hb of 175 per min. It was ??50 from amazon ( only ordered it last night!!) has put my mind at ease somewhat. Took me about 45 mins to find hb though! Xx
  • I'm 7 weeks tomorrow and was saying to a friend earlier today that I'm a little worried I feel so well but then before lunch I started feeling queasy! we have to try not to worry I suppose!xx

  • I'm still have good and bad days, I have come to the conclusion that I seem to feel sicky when I'm tired and when I've had lots of rest I seem to be ok.

    I am taking some comfort from the fact that the placenta will be starting to do more and with the reduction of hormones it can mean a reduction of symptoms.

  • my symptoms are still all over, but I am sick every day, i seem to have a day where im awful then a day when im not so bad, its alternating. but i also feel lots better if i get a quick nap every day. x

  • I totally agree about the nap thing too. If I've had loads of sleep I feel ok, but as soon as I get tired I start to feel sick again!! To those of you who are on baby number 2 does the worrying get easier as you go along?! xx
  • no hun it doesnt, this is my 4th pregnancy and hopefully my 2nd baby, and im really nervous still, particularly as my first two i had sickness really bad and i mcd, my son no sickness at all and he was full term. Just try to stay positive is all I can suggest xxx

  • i cant handle the constant feeling sick , today has been the worst day for feeling sick but ive never been sick i feel like i need to be sick to feel better image xx

  • Bin there image( still have off and on days but once the sickness starts it's there till the next day. I even walk around gagging on bad days my sickness is so bad, I can't help it but it's horrible. Never again for me
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