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I hate snow. injury.

Slipped yesterday and hurt my ankle. They didn't want to x-ray but think I've damaged the ligament. All strapped up and crutches. Was really worried about baby but they did a quick scan and all ok. Back in a week. Be so careful if you are out in this weather.


  • image I nearly went over 4 times today, said to hubs I would be straight to a and e demanding a scan. Scary. Glad your beany is ok though hun, hope you're being looke after.


  • Aw bless ya, hope your recovered soon. We've only had bit of rain on and off. South Hampshire. Kids keep seeing the snow on the news and are getting excited. Ive said were not due any but theyre still banking on a snow day lol

    Be careful out there xx
  • G/C but hoping you're taking things easy.  They don't like X-rays whilst your pregnant bacause of the effect it may have on your unborn baby & if it is ligament damage it may not show on an X-ray (I'm prone to ligament tears with Hypermobility Syndrome & have torn both my ankles several times now).  As long as the ankle is strapped up then the injury will heal itself.


    Take care out & about ladies, it could be another month yet before this cold weather finally disappears.

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