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So angry with something at work

So last week I had my 12 week scan, some people at work knew I was PG but it was not common. Following my scan I have said I am happy for everyone to know...

I work with one particular client for much of my time at work, to some degree it is more like I work for thier business than the one I do. It has taken alot of hard work (the cient is a difficult one to say the last) but I have managed to build some great rapport with them and feel I have really earned their professional respect.

I asked my boss about letting them know my news. I know it will cause a reaction when they know I am not going to be around for a while, so did not want to tell them without other key colleagues knowing that was the case, getting ready for the chain of calls. Anyway, my boss simply said I must not tell them and we will try and hild that off unitl at least June.

WTF!??!!?? I am very uncomfortable with not being open and truthful, about anything at all, and he knows that (we often disagree about this.) I feel like I am lying and dont want to do that. Also, what the hell am I going to look like come June when they are informed (I have already told my boss that when they are told they are also to be advised that I was ordered to keep it a secret from them, but I will look like an idiot to them still) ....

This client adds a lot of pressure to my life, they are very demanding and to meet there needs I often do above and beyond, working at hours I am not obliged to (as I am sure we all do with our jobs)  .... I was really looking froward to them knowing I was PG and undoubtedly expecting less from me/understanding why I was stepping back. Now they are just going to think my standards have slipped.

I am so so so so p'd off.

I have a great relationship with the client and think they would be happy for me. Also as a business this is somethign they have to account for with their staff, its the way of the world.




  • I'd be fuming too hun!! How bloody dare they ask u to hide it, is there anything more disrespectful?! What r u gonna do? Sending hugs xxx

  • G/C but wanted to offer huge cyber hugs.  Fortunately my former boss was a lot more understanding of my need to advise my customers 'early' that I was pregnant & would be taking maternity leave & slowly introducing them to my 'replacements' before I left.

    It's not nice having to keep secrets, though your employer may be thinking along the lines of MAT B1 forms where you don't legally need to advise work until 15wks before baby is due.  In your shoes I'd probably still advise the client your expecting & then (gasp, horror) remember you were meant to be keeping it secret (baby brain hormones got the better of you), or drop lots of hints without actually stating you're expecting.  Best wishes

  • Ah thanks ladies, as much as I would love to let slip to the customer, the fall out would just not be worth it.

    I get on very well with my colleauges, have a great job, and have known my MD for ages... I dont want to annoy them by doing something they have asked me not to. Who knows what I might be asking for ref work arrangements in a year or two, need to stay on the right side I think.

    I have had a very frank conversation with my manager today and he knows how I feel,,, ultimatley I need to go with the business on this, but I think they are being short sited and it is unfair on me.

    I dont think I have ever felt like I have been overuled on a gender basis before, that is really not a card I would play, but have to ask myself if my manager and MD were women with children, would they be choosing the same plan of action!?




  • Ah sorry to hear that, thats bad! Like you say they would probably think differently if they could really put theirselves in your shoes. Hope everything sorts it self out either way xx

  • What is it with people!

    I havent learnt the knack of "bitting my tongue" I understand your point on keeping them sweet but I would find that so hard. Maybe negotiate bringing the date forward from June. Youll be wanting to celebrate your bump!

    Keep us updated hun on what happens xxx
  • I am feeling even angrier today about this.

    My management, if they bothered to think about it, would know this would stress me out. Surely as my employer they should not be putting me in a position as any time, esp during my pregnancy, which leaves me feeling that way. I genuinely dont think that has occured to them, they are just thinking business business business.

    I am honestly not someone who causes a fuss at work,,, but I think I will have to say something else to them.



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