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pissed off how can people be so stupid?!

Grrrrrr! So pissed off only my side of family close friends and a fewest work know I'm pregnant, people at work generally found out through guess work or gossip. Well I had put a fb status about eating sweets (random I know) and some stupid gossiper from work commented asking if it was a craving! Seeing as my husbands family don't know yet as we r waiting til we visit them next week I'm really hoping my brother in law hasn't read it! I quickly deleted it but really pissed off. Wouldn't it be obvious that seeing as I'm not 12 weeks yet and I haven't put a thing about it on fb that it's not 100% public knowledge?! X


  • Omg I would be soooo peed off! There's always some sod trying to be clever. I'd be inclined to block them from being able to comment on anything you put so they can't do it again. Big hugs lovely. People said stuff like that to me for well over a year before we got pg so maybe no one will take any notice.

  • Yeah I'm hoping it's gone fairly unnoticed I deleted it as quick as I could. Sent the woman a fairly snotty message she hasn't got back to me yet x
  • How horrid!

    Hate gossips like that, just like to stir it abit. Glad u messaged to put her in her place. Love that we can rant on here freely!

    Sending hugs xx
  • Yeah me too its the one place I can come and air my problems without judgement thanks ladies image x
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