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Worried again :(

Hello mummy to be,

I think this worry is normal especially after miscarriage. I had a suspected ectopic last year and am now nearly 12wks. I too have had diminishing symptom the past week, less nausea in particular and have been worrying. My scan is weds. My husband reminds me my symptoms eased with my son. I'm trying to heed my gp's advice from when I first found out -try not to worry, it's not going to do anyone any good and it won't change anything. Easier said!

Good luck for your scan x


  • Looking at the forum there is a real trend of peoples symptoms lessoning, so I think you are probably just going through that stage too.... my sore boobs are definately gone...

    Do try not to worry, as per LouLou easier said than done, but everything you are describing sounds like you are on track for where you should be image so try and look at the positives!! Easter weekend now and then your scan, basically makes your scan tomorrow in working day terms image


  • No one can say for sure, but I really think you are going to be fine, like you say you have seen that heartbeat at 7 weeks, and nothing horrible has happened to you since then.... it is hard when symptoms fade not to think the worst. just remember your last pregnancy was a healthy one!

    And dont torture yourself with horror stories. xxx Go and eat a yummy eatser egg instead!


  • try not to worry im sure all is ok. i do understand how you fell as i mc then conceived this baby straight away. i think we will all worry untill we have our babys in our arms. good luck for scan tues,i have another scan tues aswell and its just not coming fast enough. i will be 14 weeks then but im still worrying. image

  • Hello well I had mine disappear for a whole week and I was a wreck a week they came back in full force and mines mostly nausea n put of food n sense of taste boobs are fine I had a missed miscarriage at 11 week in August so I'm very nervous I have a scan at 7 week and normally with a missed miscarriage you still feel them until you have passed the baby as the baby is still inside so hormones would still make you feel pregnant you will be fine just wait and see xxxx
  • This time my baby is fine and I have lost symtoms for a whole week they come back and stronger lol fingers crossed for you xx
  • Iv lost my symptoms now for 3 days straight but afer hearing babys hb last night im not so worried image keep high hopes, fingers crossed xx

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