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The Announcement

Hi girls, This weekend hubs is forcing me to tell family etc about our news at an easter get together. I really dont want to, only my 2 bestest chums & 1 of his know. Im 11 weeks. I can't be doing with all the extra attention and questions. Im gonna tell my other 2 kiddlywinks sat, im kinda worried they wont appreciate us having a new addition. They dont bother (the in-laws) from one week to the next, as soon as they know magically we'll be receiving phone calls and visits and FUSSING. Mum in law is defo a flapper and im not. I like us just knowing, no fuss just treated like me rather than a walking incubator! but gonna find it hard to disguise forever. Sorry needed a rant without judgement haha xxx


  • aww bless u hun, u tell them when your ready. if your not ready thats fine, they will understand you dont want the attention and fuss all at once. Im making a card for all thw family members with a picture of my son in a big brother tshirt and the scan pic on the other, they will all be sent in the post together so hopefully everyone will recieve them before Im down to see them all a few days later. i dont want to tell them when im in front of them apart from my mother inlaw as i think it may mean alot to her, this baby is due the day before my FIL bday (he sadly passed away two years ago to swine flu) I think this baby is a blessing and an omen to us. x

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