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its finally here!!

Hurray! Been following posts for ages, waiting for this! I'm due the 2nd Sept with our 2nd, ds is 2 1/2 will be 3 in august, looking forward to ' meeting' you all over the next 8 months or so image xx


  • Hello!!! I am 5 weeks pg with my 2nd - ds is 2 (3 in sept). Due date i 16th Sept image

  • Finally!! Hi am preg with 3rd am 6+1 due around 7th sep! Have dd how was just turned 3 and ds who is 2 next week!

  • Yay!! Hello I am 6+5 and due 4th September!

    No.2 for us and already have a DS who turned 3 last week. So glad they've finally opened the forum. I used it alot in my last pregnancy and still talk to my 'due in Jan' group every day on facebook now.

    Here's too a happy and healthy pregnancies all round image x

  • Hi all, i'm expecting my second miniegglet on 23rd. I have a dd who is 2 1/2. Looks as if there are a few of us in similar circumstances, i'm looking forward to chatting to you all over the coming months image

  • Hi ladies been waiting for them to open this forum! I'm 6wks + 5 with my second too, online Calc says my due date is the 5th September. I was feeling pretty awful past two weeks had a flu virus/ear infection. Nausea was pretty strong but isn't so bad this week. Hope u are all good xxxx
  • Hi, Im due on 3rd September with my secon. I have a 4 year old little girl... 

    Is it true you 'expand' sooner with your second?! I feel huge but am only 7+1 today.

    We are going to go for an early scan next weekend to check everything ok. I wouldnt be surprised if there's more than one... I feel that big!

    Ive not had any sickness just really tired..... 

    Roll on September image))

  • I've heard that your tummy muscles aren't quite as strong second time round so perhaps Vikki! I am convined i'm having twins lol!!Keep dreaming i'm having twins ha! 

  • Yip this my third and I don't know how am going to hide this for 6 more weeks!! I already look about 4months!!x
  • hi ladies... im hannah, i have an 11month old son, Jason James, and im expecting my second, im about 6 weeks, due somewhere around the 11th of september.

    Heres hoping we all have safe, happy and healthy pregnancys!!

  • Hi all, I'm 7 weeks Tom n due 6th sep. my fourth pregnancy, got 3 dd's so hoping for a miracle son, lol.

    I hope everyone's doing well n I hope we all have a safe journey towards sep!!!

    Well wishes to all!!!!!!

    hi im messy. by name and nature. i expecting my first on 7th of sep. i am 24 and have been 

    trying for 15 months before we had a New year surprise. already  putting on weight even

    though not even 7weeks until Saturday

    look forward to sharing these happy months with you all. may all be well for us all.

    messy xxx  



  • sorry for bad layout but phone seems to do its own thing x 

  • Silly question as I know everyone is different but when did you all start showing with your first?

    I'm 6+3 and feeling 'rounder' than usual! If I carry on like this there's no way ill continue until 10 weeks without my family and friends finding out!

    Abi. image x
  • I bloated very very quickly and looked HUGE but it wasn't bump, just bloat. Then at around 12 weeks the bloat went and a tiny little bump appeared at the bottom of my belly. 

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