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Passed out today at work!

No idea if it is just pregnancy related or whether I am coming down with a bug. I hadn't felt right all morning and then at lunch I went all hot all of a sudden and just passed out at the table!! Still don't feel quite right now but feel better than I did!


  • Oh No! I've had the odd moment of feeling slightly dizzy, but nothing worse. Actually passing out seems serious! Hope work were sympathetic. Have you spoken to gp or midwife about it? Hope you're feeling better now x
  • Work were great and my mum works at school with me so she looked after me whilst i came round ha! They would have sent me home but i didn't let them! Not spoken to GP about it and not even registered with a midwife yet. I'll contact someone if it happens again.

  • Ive been mega dizzy hun dr took bp and it was low but also said its normal. She just told me to sit or lay when I need to and power through x hope u feel better now x
  • oh poor you. only times I've ever passed out we're during my blood tests when pregnant with no1. Hope it was a one off x 

  • Oh no! Its something I have a bit of a phobia about when pg. I've had dizzy spells and had them with DS due to low BP.

    My mum used to pass out all the time when she was pg with me apparantly.

    Take it easy and make sure you drink plenty - not easy I know when you feel sick.




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