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Scared of my daughter feeling left out when new baby comes

Hi all Im so happy to b pg again but my beautiful daughter has been my world for 2 years and I feel really guilty that im going to b turning her world upside down bless her ! Anyone else feel like this? X


  • yes!! exactly same here with my dd. worrying about everything so am going to do lots to prep her when the time is right, makes me feel better! image

    we will move her into her big room a long time before baby comes, talk about  'her' new brother/sister so she feels involved and get her to talk to the bump. i have also thought of getting her to choose bits for the baby and giving her a present from baby when s/he arrives. oh and also I read not to be holding baby when dd sees baby for first time and giving dd your undivided attention for 5 mins not just talking about baby. I' m sure it'll all be fine and of course we are giving them a little companion they will have for life but doesn't stop us worrying does it!!






  • Yup!! Me too!! Logan is such a mummy's boy  - I work so he is fine at nursery but when we are at home he is attached to me all day! And he requires alot of attention - although is getting better. 

    Like minieggs - I am jsut going to make sure he is really involved and I also heard the thing about not holding the baby when they first meet them. 

    I don't even remember any negative feelings towards my sister when she was born - i was told i defo had some lol but I only remember the nice things! 

  • Thanks girls ! Im going to get the big room decorated for dd to move into in the spring and get her out of nappies way before baby comes ! But still feel guilty! Nice to hear others feel the same xxx
  • My daughter lexi was 2y 4 months when my second daughter was born & I was the same didn't want her to feel left out ... I got her to help make the cot up ( choose a teddy & bedding ) we got her involved in everything so if we were going out shopping and brought her something we would always say do u want pick the baby something ( even if it was a pack of nappies or wipes ) & she loved it.... When we brought zoie home lexi was a bit off with me for 3-4 days & then it just all felt normal. Now lexi is 4 in April & zoie is 17months & not once has she shown any sigh of feeling left out. Best wishes & hope all goes well image xxx
  • Thank u for that xxxx
  • I have been feeling exactly the same, so reassuring to hear that I'm not the only one. Feel this way x
  • It is really worrying as everything will change. Angela keeps asking I we can have a baby so I'm hoping sh will be excited. I'm really happy to have the summer holidays with just her and that I can get her settled in preschool again before baby arrives!
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